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In those days, we observe that more and more residential universities enter he field of online-distance education. The question is why? What do they expect?

In former days, the message was clear: Especially in the US they tried to widen access for those people who had no real chance to enter a normal university. Using DE methods, they gave them the opportunity to get a higher degree or to participate in higher education. Today there is no real need for this.  In most developed countries there are great opportunities to join the higher educational institutes which are very close and in the near of their customers. (The motives of people to take DE programs today are very different from the reasons of the beginning. Time is more a problem then space.)

Distance education is in many respects an adventure in education, less in inquiry and research. That means: Research based universities look for students which join the campus, which do the practical research based jobs for example in engineering or natural sciences. They are less interested in pure education. Nevertheless well know universities are now on the way to offer fully online degrees. One reason is that it is much easier the ever to set up online programs, which are some sort of distance education. What these universities expect is not to get researchers; they expect to earn money and to sell education. So online distance education becomes more a more and educational industry. When you look back to the history you can find, that this always was one important aspect: The economy of scale: All Mega-universities in the world are distance-teaching universities. They serve thousands of students using print or other delivering methods and a limited number of scientific stuff to do that. The new information and Web 2.0 technologies help them to set up an educational industry. Online distance education is the bandwagon you do not have to miss, if you think in economic terms and Dollar notes. May be that this observation is wrong?


Written by burklehmann

30. Juli 2010 um 10:18 pm

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