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Why to pay more for less?

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It looks beautiful. I can use it with my fingers and the battery is running nearly 10 hours. I can watch high-density videos without using my glasses and the eBooks are not only black and white. Yes, the I Pad entered my home office and everyone will touch  and use it. It is bright and thin. A new technology for techno freaks, for those how like to be the frontier. But why to pay more for less? Every day I use my IPhone. I check my mails, use the browser function to read the news articles or rss feeds. Videos are not important for me. I can also read pdf or word documents and if I like I can use it as a navigator for my car. Sometimes I make some calls, if I feel the need, but the silent communication via mail and sms is sufficient.

To write an article or letter I can use my Netbook which  is in the near or the desktop PC in my office.  And what is the IPad for? I can make no calls, cannot take pictures, and the office functions are very rough. The IPad is not a Note- or Netbook, it is not a PDA. But what is it good for? To download thousands of Apps for free ore for some cents? Or just to impress my friends? So: The IPhone can do the same and more things than the IPad. Why to pay more for less? Just for a bigger screen or more battery power? Who knows the answer?


Written by burklehmann

30. Juli 2010 um 10:55 pm

Veröffentlicht in E-Learning

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