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Social Media or Social Software?

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We know that the “E” of e-learning will never learn anything. We also know that software is not social and media will only transport something. Nevertheless, we take these expressions as metaphors of the Web 2.0 world. At the starting point of 2.0, everybody talked about ’social software‘. It was very popular to do so. The term was originally defined by C. Shirky. From his point of view, social software is “software that supports group interaction”.

More and more the term social software disappears an instead of using it, people talk about ’social media‘. Is that something new or different? The shift form software to media rises once again the question what media are about. There is no doubt that videos uploaded in ‚You Tube‘, pictures that are distributed by ‚Flickr‘ or other portals and podcasts which may be included in ‚Blogs‘ are media. But what is about Blogs, Social Networks, Folksonomies, Link-Sharing or Twitter.  Twitter is only a web-based service, Folksonomies are only a collaboration technique and Social Networks are some sort of interchange between people. The Web 2.0 world, I believe needs much more clarification of their language. The production of buzzwords is not helpful and right enough for a common understanding.


Written by burklehmann

1. August 2010 um 1:50 pm

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