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„In defence of the book and other thoughts on the digitalization of knowledge“

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Tony Bates (August 1st, 2010) is discussing the strenght and weakness of publishing books oder ebooks.  He writes:

„I have been struggling with the concept of books and publishing for some time now. I have authored over 10 books published ‘traditionally’, i.e. through a commercial publisher, and have just completed a manuscript on ‘The strategic management of technology in universities and colleges’, to be published by Jossey-Bass in early 2011. I also am under contract to Routledge for a third edition of ‘Technology, Open Learning and Distance Education’, to be published in late 2011….“ (… more)


Traditional books are much more flexible then all digital media. You need no electrical power to read them. One problem might be that they need a lot of space to store them. Are we sure that electronic books will be available in hundred years? What about the storage media of electronic books?

To offer books or content just for free means to deny that writing a book is very time consuming and often hard work. So the author should be paid for his work. The printing press takes most of the money. Okay that might be a problem. But the alternative does not mean to offer books just for free.  Intellectual work is work. The idea of open content form my point of view is wrong, because publishing is part of the economy. Generating  knowledge is very expensive and if it is true that knowledge is the central  factor of the modern economy, you can’t have it for free.


Written by burklehmann

2. August 2010 um 9:25 am

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