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Das Thema Präsenz- vs. Fern- (online)lehre bleibt virulent. In einem Gastbeitrag des BLOGS von Bates schreibt Olivia Coleman u.a.:

„In the end, research shows that online learning typically trumps classroom learning, possibly due to the fact that students can take their time learning on the Internet rather than sticking to the clock in a classroom. Yet, the effectiveness of different modes of education will depend heavily on the student and his or her commitment and studying habits. A student who cannot keep up with online course work will not perform better than a classroom student who does, and the reverse is also true. If you are trying to decide between the two methods, consider which is a better fit for your lifestyle: the traditional, more rigid but time-tested campus education, or the modern, flexible, but more uncharted online education.“

Ist der Unterschied wirklich nur der, der relativ freien Zeiteinteilung? Da kann man arge Zweifel haben.


Written by burklehmann

18. November 2010 um 2:53 pm

Veröffentlicht in E-Learning, Fernstudium

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