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MOOC sind eine neue Form der Durchführung von Online-Veranstaltungen. Zur Definition heißt es bei Wikipedia:

„A Massive open online course (MOOC) is a course where the participants are distributed and course materials also are dispersed across the web. This is possible only if the course is open, and works significantly better if the course is large. The course is not a gathering, but rather a way of connecting distributed instructors and learners across a common topic or field of discourse. …..Typically, participation in a MOOC is free…. Although the courses generally do not have specific requirements all MOOCs provide rough timelines in the form of weekly topics to focus discussion. The rest of the structure can be minimal – often consisting of a weekly presentation on the current topic, discussion questions, and suggested resources. In recognition that those attending a MOOC are expected to make the course their own, guidance tends to focus on allowing curriculum and structure to emerge from the exchange between participants. Posting in discussions, reflecting on topical ideas, and sharing resources using a variety of social media are at the core of the MOOC learning process.“

Die beiden Kanadier George Siemens und Stephen Downes waren die ersten, die eine solche Veranstaltung durchgeführt haben. In Deutschland gab es einen ähnlichen Kurs zum Thema: Zukunft des Lernens.

Wer Interesse hat, kann nunmehr an einem neuen Kurs teilnehmen: Welcome to Change: Education, Learning, and Technology!

Die Themen finden sich hier.




Written by burklehmann

14. Oktober 2011 um 12:55 pm

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