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Eine interessante Analyse zum Thema Plagiate und das Web ist von turnitin erscheinen. Untersucht wurden 33 Millionen papers. In der Zusammenfassung der Studie heißt es:

„This Turnitin study offers a look into the web sources and writing practices of secondary and higher education students in the United States. It is based on the analysis of 128 million content matches from 33 million papers (24 million from higher education and nine million from secondary) over a one-year period.
Key findings include:

• Secondary students rely more on social networking and content-sharing sites Social and content sharing sites remain the most popular category for both groups of
students, though secondary students show an even greater reliance on these sources. Based on the data, it seems younger students have a more difficult time judging which
sources are appropriate to use in written work.
• Higher education students rely more on paper mills and cheat sites Higher education students rely more on paper mills and cheat sites than secondary
students. This may reflect the fact that college students, independent for the first time, struggle to manage their time amid an increased academic workload.
• Wikipedia is the most popular site for both groups  Not surprisingly, Wikipedia reigns supreme for both secondary and higher education students with the latter showing the greatest reliance.

• Eight sites appear among the top ten most popular web sources for both secondary and higher education students Despite their differences, the two groups rely on a number of the same sources for
written work. Eight of the ten top sites appear as the most popular sources for both groups of students.

• Educators should develop specific strategies to address plagiarismCreating plagiarism-proof assignments, dedicating lessons to proper sourcing and citation, and using originality checking tools in a formative manner can help educate students on originality and citation while avoiding costly and painful misconduct cases.“

Dass dieser Artikel natütlich auch Teil der Produktwerbung ist, versteht sich von selbst. Noch bemerkenswerter aber dürfte die Tatsache sein, dass hier Daten in zentralisierter Weise bei einem Unternehmen verfügbar sind.

[… mehr zur Untersuchung]


Written by burklehmann

7. November 2011 um 8:28 am

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