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There are only a few books which had great influence on the debate about  elearning. One of those is “Hypermedia Learning Systems”It was first published 1995 in German language. Schulmeister raises important questions which are still valuable for the debate today which concentrates on social media and post-learning management systems. For example he asks:

“Is that all? Or are there pedagogical, educational reasons for positive learning effects of multimedia? Is learning with multimedia a different kind of learning? Does learning with multimedia have a different quality? May we, or must we even claim that learning becomes more effective, and that both amount and quality of that which is learned increase? Generalizable answers to these questions are certainly not valid under any conditions. It is therefore plausible to put precise questions: When, and under what conditions, with what programs, in what subjects, and in what shape is multimedia an enrichment, a valuable addition to instruction, a valuable tool for study?”

One of the highlights of the book is the critique of the Instructional Design on the one and the Intelligent Tutoring Systems on the other hand.

Schulmeister book is now available in English and can be downloaded for free.



Written by burklehmann

6. Juni 2012 um 1:21 pm

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