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The list offered in the article is a bit confusing. Dewey and Montessori are with not doubt educators, but Piaget and Skinner are Psychologist who offered empirical proven learning theories. From my point of view that is not the same.

„Earlier this year, I penned a post titled “The Audrey Test” in which I laid out a number of topics with which I argued education technologists (particularly ed-tech entrepreneurs) needed to be familiar if I was to take them at all seriously. The response – both in the comments section and elsewhere – were fairly revealing, I thought, particularly as some folks sneered at the notion that learning theories, histories, or sciences were at all relevant to building ed-tech products, services or businesses. “Too academic” was one response. “Anti-engineer” was another. Also: “I don’t have time to learn this. I’m too busy building my company.“



Written by burklehmann

18. August 2012 um 1:25 pm

Veröffentlicht in Bildung, E-Learning

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