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„North Korea launches two MOOCs“

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„North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, went on national television on Thursday to announce that North Korea had successfully launched two MOOCs (massive open online courses). The first is called: ‘How to build a nuclear bomb’, and the second ‘How to build an intercontinental missile’.

President Obama issued a statement immediately denouncing North Korea’s action as ‘highly provocative,’ and it is expected that the U.N. Security Council will strongly condemn the launch, with even China supporting the motion.

Stephen Downes, a Canadian expert on MOOCs, noted that the North Koreans are using long-wave radio, a less advanced technology than North American Internet-based MOOCs, as their delivery technology. ‘Fortunately, outside the Korean peninsular, there aren’t too many who can speak Korean, and even fewer these days with long-wave radio. Nevertheless’, said Downes, ‘if these MOOCs get into the wrong hands, they could cause enormous damage.’“ (T. Bates)

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Written by burklehmann

15. Februar 2013 um 1:59 pm

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